Scholarship Endowment Fund

In support of the mission to provide scholarships to college-bound students, PIEF has established the Scholarship Endowment Fund (SEF).  Through the SEF, donors can create a lasting legacy of giving through a named scholarship that will be awarded annually in perpetuity.

How It WorksPIEF Scholarship Endowment Fund brochure

  • Complete a new fund ageeement with PIEF
  • Select an unrestricted $5,000 scholarship (no specifications) or restricted $10,000 scholarship (specify institution or course of study)
  • Make a one time payment or schedule a payment plan
  • Specify a bequest

How You Benefit

  • Support a student pursuing a course of study that is important to you
  • Receive updates on the scholarship recipient’s progress
  • Your contribution is 100% tax deductible

For more information on how you can make a difference through a PIEF named scholarship, contact us at: